Keynote Speakers: 

Teresa Johnston

Founding Director of the Kennesaw State University Center for Young Adult Addiction and Recovery, Ms. Johnston is a Licensed Professional Counselor and specializes in addiction and recovery in the young adult population. She is a founding board member and first President of the Association of Recovery in Higher Education and an adjunct faculty member in the KSU Psychology department. She is the State Coordinator for the GA Network, a statewide organization that addresses collegiate alcohol & other drug issues in order to promote healthy campus environments. Ms. Johnston has over twenty years of experience in corporate organizational development and management with experience consulting for fortune 100 companies. Ms Johnston is a strong administrator, public speaker and has an innate ability to combine her clinical skills with business development and strategy.

Justin Luke Riley

Justin is 28 years old, and has been in long term recovery since 2007. He is Young People in Reovery’s President & CEO, and a founding member. Justin has done organizational development consulting for different industries. He was a Youth & Community Engagement Pastor as well as a private Life Coach. He graduated cum laude from the University Colorado at Denver in the University’s Honors & Leadership Program in 2013, receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Mediation, and Public Relations. He is currently completing his Executive MBA from the University of Colorado. As a natural leader and gifted public speaker, Justin has been featured in many media outlets for for his involvement in youth leadership and community engagement. Justin is a prolific leader in recovery, serving on the Executive Board of multiple nonprofit enterprises. Justin also serves in many other service-oriented capacities. Justin lives in Denver, Colorado, where he is married to the woman of his dreams, Rachel Marie. They recently had their first child, Everly Hope, who enjoys spending time with her puppy King Bear.


12:00 Lunch
1:00 Intro and Welcome
1:15 Student Voice - Ian Moseley
1:35 Teresa Johnston -
    Many times we are confronted with questions, situations and decisions that challenge us as professionals.                       Words like harm, respect and fairness accompany the understanding of ethics but aren't always black and                       white. Ethical principles, within organizations, are often accompanied by standards of conduct, which provide                   further elaboration and context.  What happens in the absence of standards?  This keynote presentation will                     provide case examples of ethical considerations in collegiate recovery programs and the challenges faced                       by professionals. 
2:10 Break
2:25 Working Groups 1*

·              Building bridges from High school to community colleges to 4 year colleges -  Marbeth Holmes

·              Building attendance – Student led - Connor Bowie *

·              Strategies for institutional buy in – Dean Blackburn

·              Prevention recovery interaction  - Ken Schuesselin

·              Organic topic

3:30 Report outs from working groups
3:45 Break
4:00 - 4:45 Working group 2*

·              More inclusive membership – Lauren/Breanna

·              Different pathways to recovery – Frank Allison

·              Sober event planning – student led

·              Young Alumni – Teresa Johnston

·              Fundraising – Thomas Bannard

·              Organic topic

4:45 Reports from working groups
5:00 "Free Ice Water"
FREE ICE WATER is an ongoing, interactive, participatory art project by interdisciplinary media artist, John D. Freyer.  In the still-emergent tradition of relational aesthetics, FREE ICE WATER puts human relationships and their social contexts at its center.  Using a Ball Perfect Mason Jar, “free ice water,” and other ephemera to construct symbolic objects, the project acts as a catalyst for intimate dialogue on the subjects of addiction, mental health issues, trauma, and recovery in our late-capitalist, digitally networked world(s).
6:00 Close
9:00 Breakfast
9:30 Intro
10:05 Justin
10:35 Student voice - Chase Holloman
11:00 Break
11:15 Working group 3

·       Recovery Zone - Eric Beason

·       Gender Specific Seminar, - Hendre Jones

·       Recovery Advocacy - Jessee Bennett*

·       Recovery Tailgate – Josh Redding

·       Young People in Recovery - Justin Luke Riley

·       Organic topic

12:15 Report outs from working groups
12:30 Boxed Lunch 
1:00 Student Panel 
1:30 Close 


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